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Touchless flushing systems -
hygienic and aesthetic

The touch-free flushing systems offer a particular hygiene advantage, especially in public areas. They reduce the risk of infection, work in a water-saving manner and are also indispensable in barrier-free finishing. The installation effort is low.

Technical progress and visually appealing front panels

In addition to a wide selection of visually appealing front panels, the touch-free flushing systems for WCs and urinals not only offer the advantage of being controllable via an app on a mobile phone or, in barrier-free areas, of being able to trigger operation with a radio release via folding support handles, but also prevent stagnation in the pipes, which can lead to legionella contamination, through preset hygiene flushing. 


Frequently asked questions about the flushing systems

Public sanitary facilities are the main focus for the use of touchless flushing systems.

Triggering a WC flush without touching a button is a particularly hygienic solution that is especially recommended for public WC facilities.

But the use of touch-free flushing systems is also becoming increasingly common in the private sector, especially for barrier-free solutions.

For people who are dependent on a wheelchair, the touchless flush systems offer a way to move comfortably in the sanitary area without assistance, as the flush can also be triggered via the folding support handles.

Stagnations in the water pipes are the most frequent cause of legionella contamination within the drinking water supply.

Nowadays, electronic flushing systems offer the advantage of preventing stagnation in the pipe network through preset hygiene flushing.

Sensor, infrared or optoelectronic fittings for flushing systems for WCs and urinals detect the approach by hand. The built-in electronics detect this signal and transmit the command to trigger a solenoid valve according to the programming. The power supply is either battery-operated or 230V mains operation.

There are also concealed flushing systems in the urinal area. Here, the insertion of the urinal is detected in the siphon area and flushing is initiated accordingly after completion.
Concealed flushing systems are connected exclusively with a fixed connection in 230 V mains operation.

Furthermore, most flushing systems offer the option of being controlled via an app on the mobile phone. This makes maintenance and reprogramming much easier.

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