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Flush plates - Important design element
in the bathroom and WC

A large selection of actuator plates means that individual bathroom design can be implemented down to the last detail. While the installation is concealed behind the wall, the actuator plate offers not only functionality but also the possibility of setting visual accents.

Variety of shapes and colours

On the one hand, the material, glass, plastic or stainless steel, and on the other hand, the design play a major role. Since the actuator plate must always be selected to match the respective cistern, we also offer products from Geberit and Schell in addition to the Burda house brand.

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Frequently asked questions about the Flush plates

Whether glass, plastic or stainless steel – the range is characterised by different materials.

Stainless steel with its durable and hygienic surface offers a valuable object due to the properties of the material, which is often used in high-quality bathrooms and public WC facilities with its cool feel and timeless look. Big plus: germs and wear hardly stand a chance with stainless steel.

The plastic version is a lot cheaper. Here you get a product that is easy to clean and flexible in terms of colour – a real customer favourite is the revision panel in white. Plastic itself has a warm surface with a pleasant feel.

Glass actuator plates create exclusive and attractive highlights in the bathroom. The glass is made of high-quality safety glass and is therefore shatterproof and durable.

Burda offers actuator buttons from the manufacturers Burda own brand, Geberit and Shell. This covers the most widely used cisterns and offers a wide range of buttons.

Replacement lever plates for older Valsir, Jomo, Grohe or Olivera cisterns are also sometimes included in the delivery range. Please contact us specifically about this.

Every manufacturer of cisterns also offers the corresponding actuation buttons.

A Geberit actuator plate therefore does not fit a Burda cistern.

Therefore, actuator plates must always be selected to match the cistern.

The economical use of the valuable resource water is given with both variants.

A distinction is made between two technical solution options.

With the two-flush technology, the cistern is equipped with two actuation buttons.

One for a small amount of water and one for a larger amount. Both water quantities are individually adjustable in good systems.

With the flush-stop technology, there is only one button on the cistern. This must be pressed twice, to start and to stop the rinsing process. In practice, the two-quantity technique is the (still) more economical variant of the two.

The savings efforts are only limited by the fact that drainage pipes through which little wastewater runs clog more easily.

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