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my move - barrier-free solutions
for safe bathrooms

In recent years, the topic of accessibility has become more and more of a focus due to demographic developments. Not only people with disabilities, but also senior citizens do not want to do without a safe, comfortable bathroom. My move WC and WT are ideal installation elements to ensure accessibility, but can also be used in multi-generation houses to quickly adapt to the different needs of the people living there in each case.

My move - electrically height-adjustable WCs and washbasins

  • for a self-determined life at home
  • Individual solutions for all requirements
  • Plan today and enjoy tomorrow
  • Investment in the future
  • Assistance in everyday life
  • Flexible into old age
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General planning principles

(according to DIN 18040 Part 2, Barrier-free building, planning principles for flats)

  • Door opens outwards and is at least 90 cm wide.
  • Allow space for unrestricted movement 120 x 120 cm (wheelchair accessible 150 x 150 cm).
  • High-contrast colour scheme that facilitates orientation (e.g. floor / wall or wall / grab rail).


  • height-adjustable solution as required.
  • WC walls shall be designed in such a way that WC support handles can be retrofitted if required.
  • Easily accessible WC flush or convenient with remote control.

Washbasin and mirror

  • Washbasin must be usable in a sitting position
  • Mirror surface at least 100 cm high above the washbasin
  • Provide fittings as single-lever or touchless fittings with a maximum outlet temperature of 45°C.

When planning your bathroom now, take into account the change in individual user requirements over time.

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Frequently asked questions about my move

Barrier-free means that, among other things, structural facilities and technical objects of use can be found, accessed and used by people with disabilities in the generally accepted manner, without particular difficulty and, in principle, without outside assistance (§ 4 BGG). Of course, this also applies to the design of bathrooms and toilets. Barrier-free bathrooms are very modern nowadays, can be integrated into the home from the very beginning and can be used well into old age.
The my move series offers all possibilities for this.

Anyone looking for a barrier-free flat quickly realises that age-appropriate and handicapped accessible are not the same thing. Depending on the physical impairment, bathrooms also have to be designed. Offers should be modular, so that everyone can design the offer according to their needs. Of course, the specifications for wheelchair users are more comprehensive than those for a person whose movement is restricted by age. Translated with (free version)

It is important to ensure that retrofitting or expansion to meet changed requirements is possible at a later date.

The electrically height-adjustable elements from my move make it possible for all family members in a multi-family house to use the sanitary units comfortably. But also to make provisions for possible impairments in old age and not to have to convert a bathroom only then.

The advantage is obvious – of course it is the ideal way for wheelchair users to adjust and use toilets and washbasins to the optimum height for them. But also families with members of different sizes will appreciate the comfort of an optimal adjustment to the respective size. Senior citizens will benefit from the WC’s stand-up aid.

Yes, because on the one hand it is a provision for old age and on the other hand the WC comfort also offers comfortable use in younger years, which can be quickly and easily upgraded to a my move care if required. Moreover, the appealing look is an eye-catcher in every modern bathroom.

While the my move WC comfort was designed more as a comfortable solution for bathrooms suitable for senior citizens, the my move WC care offers the full range of features for use by people with disabilities.

To enable unhindered use of the toilet with limited mobility, a barrier-free toilet must meet several requirements. This includes handles to hold on to, enough space in front of and next to the toilet and a suitable seat height. These criteria are more than fulfilled by the WC care and washbasin my move.

The elements my move WC care are often used in hospitals and nursing homes, especially in the rehabilitation wards.
They ensure that people with a physical disability can use the WC and washbasin independently and without major difficulties.

Yes, the elements are ideal for wheelchair users on the one hand, but are also an ideal addition to a high-quality, modern bathroom from an aesthetic point of view.