Burda goes online

and not only with a new website, but also with a trade fair presence
at BAU Online from 13 – 15.01. 2021

We will inform you about news and of course also about proven products from our range to help you choose the right system.


Presentation of installation and flushing systems:

  1. Electrically height-adjustable WC and WC modules “my move”
  2. Electrically laterally adjustable “Slide” module
  3. Selected installation systems for nurseries, daycare & schools
  4. Drywall installation system with “Santro” ready-to-tile planking
  5. cuccoo” built-in furniture programme
  6. Module BS+ the flexible installation system for front or in-wall installation
  7. Cistern system K770 with integrated hygienic flushing
  8. Trusses (small assembly aids) for drywall construction

We look forward to your visit

The Herbert Burda GmbH team